Here are five ways to tell if your business website is in need of an upgrade. Many sites (especially older ones) often suffer from multiple problems, but even a single issue can have a significant negative impact. If you are familiar with one or more points, it could be time for a redesign. So, in no particular order, here are the five signs:

1) It looks outdated in comparison to competitors – If your competitors have attractive, usable sites that make visitors want to buy, they will generally fare better than sites with an outdated design. Having said that, flashy graphics should enhance and not be a substitute to great content – so be sure to bear this in mind when considering a refresh.

2) It loads slowly – Speed is a crucial factor on the Web. People will not wait around for a slow loading site. Neither will they visit again or recommend to friends. Slow is bad for business and aggravates potential customers. Slow sites tend to have various things in common. Often images require optimising, CMS (Content Management Systems) are cumbersome and buggy, the hosting could be improved, the coding is not optimised, etc. Thankfully, modern technologies can ensure sites load quickly – even on mobile devices.

3) It doesn’t function correctly on mobile devices – Mobile is vital nowadays and in order to be effective, business websites need to function well on numerous devices, including desktop PC, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Neglect to serve mobile visitors and you could be alienating a large proportion of potential customers.

4) SEO issues – Some sites are just not designed to ensure search engines can crawl and index all the relevant content. And this issue is not just limited to older designs. We see many sites – even new sites – where Search Engine Optimisation was an afterthought. Common problems often include poor coding and page layout, content issues, site architecture, and more.

5) It fails to convert visitors – Since there is no point attracting visitors to a website if they continually fail to convert, this is a key success factor. Do you know how many visitors you’re getting, where they came from, what they did on your pages and how long they spent browsing? The truth is, you cannot convert every visitor, but a successful site should be able to garner a reasonable number of enquiries over time.

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