‘Local SEO’ is a subset of Search Engine Optimisation and a practice that is essential if you are to maximise sales online. In recent years, searches with a local intent have grown massively. In fact, it is claimed that in the coming years, local searches may outweigh non-geographical searches.

Although similar in some respects to standard SEO, local SEO is concerned with targeting customers in a particular location. Say a person wants to find a Chinese restaurant near Leicester Square in London, they may type in “Chinese restaurant near Leicester Square”. Locally-optimised websites will then appear for this search. The same example applies if someone wants to find a nearby bar, theatre, cafe or hotel.

The trend for finding nearby businesses has been spurred on by the increase in smartphone usage and ability to search while on the move. This means businesses who can target shoppers in the immediate area have a greater chance of completing a sale.

There are many other reasons why local SEO is important. When it comes to search marketing, it is easier to compete on a local level than a national or international level. Local SEO services are cost effective and provide a good return on investment. It is also excellent for building brand awareness.

While there are some differences that make this type of SEO unique, for best results, it should form part of an overall SEO strategy that can target a wide range of terms. Do you require help to promote your site on the major search engines? Visit our SEO services page for more details and to obtain a free quote. We offer packages to suit a variety of budgets and can also assist with PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing.

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