Are you keeping in touch with your website visitors? If you have a website but are not utilising the various ways to connect, you could be missing out on some key opportunities. When you have the day to day activities of a business to run, it’s not always easy to keep in touch with people who visit your website. But difficulties aside, it is important to reach out to prospective customers on a consistent basis. By doing so, you can maximise the amount of revenue generated.

This can be done in a variety of ways, some of which are discussed below. Not every website will use all the methods, but most are highly recommended.

Newsletters – A more traditional but still necessary method of communicating with visitors. Newsletters (also known as a mailing lists or e-zines) allow you to send out e-mail messages to people who ‘opt in’ to your list. Nowadays, most people have an e-mail address, so capturing leads is relatively easy. Content to place inside each issue can include company news, the latest products, new services, or special offers. A well-done newsletter can generate new business and increase the amount of traffic to your site.

Social media – Most businesses serious about their online presence use social media to connect with visitors. While the obvious sites to utilise include Facebook and Twitter, don’t discount other social networks. Depending on your business type, they could prove very worthwhile. Consider Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Site updates – One way to quickly keep in touch with visitors is to provide regular website updates. A fresh site will keep visitors returning, increasing the likelihood of an enquiry or purchase. Updating with new content and images is important, but if you are pressed for time, consider small announcement updates (or select our copywriting services to create high quality content the search engines love!).

Blogging – Blogging is an excellent method to begin writing regular website content. Relatively straight-forward to set up, blogs can help businesses establish a personality, provided the content is compelling enough. Top tip: try to keep the blog updated on a basis that makes sense for your business. Updates do not have to be added daily, but think about how often you can distribute news or other relevant posts.

Videos – A great way to differentiate yourself from competitors is to produce video content. This can be in the form of workshops, company news, announcements, product launches, demonstrations, or anything else of interest to potential customers. Video content can be added directly to your website or uploaded to popular social sites like YouTube for additional reach.

Events – Keeping in touch with visitors doesn’t always have to be online. In fact, some businesses organise periodic meetups with customers and other interested parties. These social gatherings can often be combined with product demonstrations, giving people the chance to ask questions. The potential for new business is mind-blowing!

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