Website Hosting: Security and Performance

How secure is your business website? Chances are you might struggle to answer this question. While a Web host or Internet provider may claim the site is in safe hands, the fact is, you may never truly know. As a key communication channel, your site needs to be available all day, every day – at least for the vast majority of time. Security and performance problems that lead to a site going offline can cause major headaches for business. Continue reading “Website Hosting: Security and Performance”

Analysing Performance With Web Statistics

If you want your business to succeed online, it is important to pay close attention to visitor statistics. Stats can provide insightful information about a website, including the areas that are functioning well, and those that need further improvement. Keeping a close eye on proceedings can really help you understand your visitors, enabling you to make decisions and increase sales. Continue reading “Analysing Performance With Web Statistics”

How Effective Is Your Website?

Your business website is often the first place a person will visit to find details about your product or service. But how effective is it at attracting – and converting – new customers? Sites that offer a poor user experience are a major turn off for visitors, and rather than generating sales, tend to push people away to competitors. Continue reading “How Effective Is Your Website?”