Using social media to full advantage

Social media has created a great number of opportunities to market your business and engage with customers, but relatively few organisations use social networking to its full advantage. There are a number of reasons why it can be beneficial to establish an effective social networking presence. Continue reading “Using social media to full advantage”

Tips for selecting a domain name

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important decisions you will face when setting up a website. Domains such as “.com” and “” addresses are a website’s identity and placed on all manner of business literature, from advertisements to business cards, so it’s crucial to pick one that’s memorable and to the point. Continue reading “Tips for selecting a domain name”

What new Google updates mean for SEO

In the last few years, the Google search engine has released a number of major algorithm updates that have rocked the SEO community perhaps more so than ever before. Before we go into this post, algorithm updates from engines are nothing new and continue to happen on a regular basis. Continue reading “What new Google updates mean for SEO”

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes

Social networking is one of the most frequently engaged in activities. In fact, for many Internet users, it is by far the most commonly used online service. While figures vary, it is considered that over 20% of total computing time is now spent on social networking sites. On mobile devices, the statistics are even higher: 30% or in some age groups, 40%! Continue reading “Top 5 Social Media Mistakes”

Internet Marketing – A Process of Continual Improvement

Internet marketing, Web site promotion, online marketing, whatever you’d like to call it, is a process concerned with establishing a presence on the Internet. Notice it said a ‘process’ – not an activity. The reason being, promoting a site online involves constant improvement over a period of time. Make no mistake; there are no short cuts to a successful Web site. Continue reading “Internet Marketing – A Process of Continual Improvement”

Dodgy SEO: Why run the risk?

If you opt to use highly suspect SEO tactics thinking you’re unlikely to get caught, this post might just change your mind. Many webmasters participate in dodgy SEO and (unfortunately) get away with it, but thankfully the tides are changing. An increasing number of sites are being penalised, and some even find themselves banned completely. Continue reading “Dodgy SEO: Why run the risk?”