6 Ways to Keep your Visitors Sweet

A sure-fire way to turn off Web site visitors is to neglect to follow the time tested advice below. Here are six common-sense pointers to ensure your business delivers online.

Keeping Visitors Sweet

Make things easy to find – An obvious point, yet you would be surprised how many Web sites fail to follow this basic principle. By making things easy to locate on your pages, visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. People have little time for research and if they can’t find what they’re looking for within a few clicks, they’ll go elsewhere.

Provide relevant contact details – It is surprising the number of sites that fail to provide relevant contact details. Commercial sites should provide an enquiry form or e-mail contact as the bare minimum. Hobby sites or personal blogs where no visitor contact is intended can be forgiven for going without. But as a general rule: ensure visitors can easily get in touch.

Keep pages fast-loading – Visitors are hard-pressed for time, so ensure all pages load within a few seconds. Not only can this improve the overall appeal of your site, some search engines now factor speed into their ranking algorithm. Still, even for usability alone, fast pages are a must.

Ensure information is relevant and timely – A common complaint of many a site visitor is irrelevant information. A second and equally common complaint is not following through on promises. So if visitors are expecting a major update on a certain day, be sure to deliver.

Update on a basis that makes sense for your business – Some sites require more regular updates than others. But whether it is daily, weekly, bi-monthly or otherwise, the main point is to be consistent and update when it makes sense. This means not adding content for the sake of it!

Ensure your pages load in most common browsers – People use a wide range of browsers nowadays and across a variety of devices, so it is important to ensure pages load in all the popular ones. Although older browsers are gradually being phased out, your industry and statistics will determine how compatible pages need to be.