Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively new term that describes the use of content as a key motivator in the marketing process. It takes a strategic approach and involves producing regular content for a particular target audience, aiming to convert loyal readers into customers.

The practice is usually found online and enables websites to build trust with prospects. Typical examples of content marketing are informative, industry-specific articles, blog posts detailing the latest developments, or an on-going campaign to outline new client success stories.

Unlike one-off pieces of copy, content marketing is a long-term approach with clear objectives. It does not look to sell, but rather, to inform with relevant information. The aim is to generate trust and loyalty, leading to new sales leads.

The benefits

Businesses can benefit greatly from a content-driven strategy. Not only is content marketing effective at building relationships with potential customers, it allows websites to increase search engine visibility. And since major search engines place considerable emphasis on quality content, a content marketing strategy is key to securing those lucrative search positions. Benefits include:

  • Be viewed as an expert in your industry.
  • Increased search engine presence.
  • A fresh, regularly updated website.
  • Authoritative, relevant content to attract new sales.
  • Provide readers with new insights into your business.

Developing a content marketing strategy

When developing a content marketing strategy, we first look at what you want to achieve from your content. Some businesses like to showcase expertise by informing readers of the latest industry news. Others like to increase visitor numbers with keyword research and regular articles. Either way, there must be a clear goal in mind.

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